Olga Melnik be really glad to meet you, possible cooperation, legal assistance, various types of consultation, as well as protection before the courts of your interest in the following areas:

  • Commercial and Business Law: opening, registration of companies or international affiliates, commercial companies and firms across Europe, companies in Luxembourg, England;
  • Constant legal support in a variety of commercial projects;
  • Business combination or acquisition of businesses;
  • Full support in the acquisition of real estate;
  • Legal, financial organization, optimization, and tips for implementing various of investment projects in France and in Europe;
  • Negotiations, the establishment of professional contacts with the Information Interests your partners at the international level;
  • Training, testing, execution of contracts and public contracts;
  • Banking Law;
  • Auditing and exploring the potential of commercial firms;
  • Protection or acquisition of intellectual rights and copyrights;
  • Immigration Law - full assistance in obtaining residence permits in France (all statuses except refugees);
  • Civil affairs - power of attorney, open a bank account in France and other assistance to non-residents of France;
  • The offer of investment projects in France, in Central Africa and in Asia - energy (oil, gas, construction);

Olga Melnik is at your disposal for further information and to provide high-quality services based on the conditions agreed beforehand with you.